Sociologist, Crystal Bedley’s research focuses on how mixed race individuals shape race-relations in America. Furthermore, Bedley is studying mixed race individuals’ attitudes and opinions towards racial inequalities along with multiracial identity formation, maintenance, and negotiation. Her research also explores how multiracial individuals are perceived by advertisers as well as how race is incorporated and presented into the media, such as T.V commercials, which is then deciphered by consumers. As a graduate assistant, Bedley was involved in evaluation research, which focused on understanding the experiences of women of color faculty as well as programmatic effectiveness. Bedley is conducting interview projects with Rutgers faculty, teaches interdisciplinary courses on topics of the research process, methodology, and graduate education preparation, mentors students, and is an instructor in the department of Sociology.

After seeing commercials featuring multiracial actors and models, Bedley was interested in the “racial ambiguity” presented in the media. As a result, Ms. Bedley was curious as to how these images and commercials reshape race relations in society; questions then filled her mind as she was pursuing her postdoctoral degree in sociology a few years back. As she worked on her dissertation, Bedley searched and analyzed images from the media, studying multiculturalism and interviewing advertisement executives. During her research, Bedley discovered that the media not only socializes consumers, but targets millennials with the use of multiracial models. Crystal Bedley wants to promote racial diversity and feels race is an extremely important topic to teach students as well.